Monday, October 14, 2013

Great News! You are Creative!

You hear things having a shop... Especially an art shop. There are lots of amazing people that walk through the doors over there. I am so delighted to meet them.
A topic that frequently comes up...

According to Webster:
1. the quality of being creative  2. the ability to create

According to Webster:
: having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas
: using the ability to make or think of new things : involving the process by which new ideas, stories, etc., are created
: done in an unusual and often dishonest way?? <----didn know="" p="" t="" this="">

You dear reader, have been given a gift of creativity. You were designed for a purpose, and part of it is to create. 

Pitfall thinking----> your art is supposed to like mine or Picasso, or Monet...

Truth-----> your "art" or projects do not need to look like something you have already seen or experienced
Pitfall thinking----> if you can't draw then you are not artistic

Truth----> many "artists" (including myself) have used light-boxes to trace, projectors, tracing paper or templates

Pitfall Thinking-----> If it isn't perfect it isn't beautiful or good.

Truth-----> If you shoot for excellence and NOT perfection you will have much more fun and enjoy what you have created without stress. 

What makes my heart sad is people telling me they aren't creative. You have the ability to create, whether it be as a programmer creating code or a sculptor creating a funny squirrel with clay. Maybe drawing isn't your thing... there are plenty of outlets to be creative. If you have tried it once and failed... give it another shot if you really want to do it. You are creative, dear reader... maybe it is with your words and poetry, maybe it is making music, metal art, baskets.
Try something new this week, pinterest has fantastic ideas=) It will bring joy to your heart to create something beautiful or funny=)

This year so far has included fantastic discoveries for me including watercolors, polymer clay, crayon melting art, and button trees. So much fun! Now go make something awesome and have fun doing it! You are creative! Yes you! Tell me what you have tried in the post below if you remember=) That's what I would love to hear.

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