Monday, November 4, 2013

Make your own Charles Dickens Victorian Caroling Skirt!!!!!!

Caroling Costume
To make the Skirt, this is what you will need:
Fabric #1 (yardage will be determined below) (color for your skirt - I used green Christmas  plaid)
Fabric #2 for Waist (I used green broadcloth)
Elastic (1" thick)
hoop skirt or hula hoop
sewing machine (and all the parts)
matching thread
ribbon at least 1.5" wide
measuring tape

Step 1: Measuring
Measure around where your hips are and times that by 3. We will call this MA (Measurement A)
For example: Hips 44"       X 3= 132"
Now, make sure your hula hoop's circumference is less than MA by at least 4".
It is? Great!
Now, put your hula hoop on the floor. Stand in the middle, make sure the hula hoop size is a good size for the bell of your skirt. For example, if this is for a little girl you wouldn't want an extra large hula hoop... and if it is for an adult you probably don't want a small...
Measure from your waist line to the hula hoop. pick the straightest path. (Measurement B = MB)
For example: Waist to floor with hula hoop: 39"
Measure your waist, then add half. (Measurement C= MC)
For example: Waist 35" + 1/2(35)=52"

Step 2: Cutting
Cut out panels that will equal your MB +3" X MA + (1"X #of panels needed to account for seam)

So, for the example:
I got 44"/45" fabric, laid it with the selvage edges both down, the other side folded. I cut 3 panels MB +3" (for seam). So I had 3 pieces 44"/45" X 42".

Step 3: Sew them together until you have a giant cylinder=) Make sure you piece together the right sides together so the seams will end up on the inside.

Step 4: Flip so that the right side is out. Fold over the bottom by 2" and sew on the inside which will show on the bottom of the skirt.

Step 5: Fold the top part over and sew around leaving 2" unsewn. Take the elastic and pull it through  the top encasing. Sew the elastic together and tuck into the casing. Finish sewing around. Voila! It is finished.

*Suppose you don't have a hoop skirt - take ribbon and make loops to an elastic band encasing a hula hoop to put under your skirt.

You have options to add ribbon and things, but this is the basics! Have fun and happy caroling!

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