Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mixed Media Owl Journals

Inspired by all the owls we decided to do some Mixed Media Art Journals!

I recently inherited a lightbox my Grandy had made for my Nana's Watercolor Hobby and decided to put it to some good use! It makes this project easier but not essential.

Items Needed:
  • Composition Books
  • Modge Podge (or elmers school glue with a little water)
  • Scrapbook paper (variety)
  • scissors
  • pencils
  • template (we did owls, but try horses or dolphins or bears!!)
  • lightbox (optional- you can also use a glass table with a light underneath)
  • acrylic paint (with a small brush) or sharpies for accents
Owl Template
Owl Template
Make a template with basic shapes. You don't want to get too complicated here=)
Here is an owl I did in Paint... 

Decide a color scheme with your paper. Encourage students to layer complimentary colors so each part is visible.

Place Template on light box and one at a time place scrapbook paper upside and on top and trace the part applying to that paper. For example: I want pink polka dots for the wings so I place my pink polka dot paper upside down and trace out 2 wings from the template.

Cut out your traced pieces. Organize next to your journal.

Mixed Media Owl Journal
Glue- start with the background first and then to the big pieces to the smallest.

Add a layer of glue on top to seal. (Be careful not to glue the journal pages together, opening the books would help)

Add any final touches you like! Voila! Be free to do this on wood or canvas too!

I did this with ages 5-13. (More help to the 5 year old of course, but they did great!)

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