Saturday, March 1, 2014

Make your own Lightbox DIY

Are you needing to take better photos to sell your fabulous wares online?

Well, if those products are about 10" or shorter, my Beloved husband had a brilliant idea after looking at a Sky Mall Magazine.  Let's make a Lightbox!!!

You need:
  • white mesh and wire laundry hamper from the Dollar Tree
  • a work light from Lowes or Home Depot
  • a white sheet or fabric
  • 1 white posterboard 
 About $15 Total.

Open up the hamper.
Cut the poster board to fit inside, you want a LONG piece from the top back to the bottom front.
Set the light up towards the opening.
Place the sheet over to give the soft light look.
Test out the products, change the white balance in your camera to make sure you are getting the right color.
If you need to, I love picasa for a free editor!!!=)
Enjoy! If you decide to take up this venture, I would love to see your photos! Add a link to the comments section!

So what was my handsome and amazing man helping me take photos of??? New earrings!! So into coral pink and Navy right now=)

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